40 Expats Embrace Islam During Mass Iftar

40 Expats Embrace Islam During Mass Iftar

40 non Muslims took Shahada (embraced Islam) at a recent Iftar gathering organized by the Islamic Information Center (IIC) of Dubai.

A famous Emirati social media influencer Khalid Al Ameri hosted the event held at the Dar Al Ber Society auditorium on Sheikh Zayed road.

Over 300 people of which more than 100 were non Muslims attended the event.

A number of converts have now become Islamic scholars and preachers. They take to the stage to talk about different aspects of Islam.

People of different religions on a single platform can interact and exchange ideas in these types of events. They get to experience the hospitality of Islam. They also experience fasting and also get an opportunity to listen to the knowledgeable speakers and the reasons for fasting.

Prizes were given away to non Muslims through a raffle draw and also through a quiz on Islam.