5 Best Indian Restaurants in Dubai to Dine in 2018

5 Best Indian Restaurants in Dubai to Dine in 2018

Indian food is famous because of the taste and aroma and the spices they use to make it delicious. If you have never been to an Indian restaurant than you have missed some thing very different and delicious. You can find out so many Indian restaurants in Dubai where you can try out their cuisine. Here’s the list of some popular restaurants that offers best quality of food that you must try.

Rang Mahal by Atul Kochhar

Rang Mahal by Atul Kochhar

It is one the best Indian restaurants in Dubai. The award winning restaurant has a lovely ambiance and their most amazing menu includes qeema toast, fish fry and crump chops. All foodies must visit Rang Mahal and enjoy their signature food and tasty cocktails.

Chutneys Restaurant


Come and enjoy the most exotic Indian nawabi meal in this restaurant. Their menu consist of biryani, curries and kebabs so all biryani lovers should come and try out Chutneys food. The recipes are very balanced and well proportioned and how can we forget their dessert that is a yummy pistachio and saffron dumpling dipped in honey sauce.

Indego by Vineet

indego restaurant

The amazing Indian restaurant where you will experience fine dining. It offers a combination of traditional and modern food, presented in a nice way so that you can enjoy your meal. Their menu includes bengali chicken tikka, lobster tikka masala and mango-pineapple salsa. They also serve drinks, soft drinks and cocktails.

Amal Restaurant at Armani Hotel

Amal restaurant

It offer variety of mouth watering dishes, divine desserts and yummy beverages. The place is beautifully decorated and luxurious you feel relax listening to some nice music and love the atmosphere.


zafran restaurant

Zafran offers contemporary Indian cuisine in a modern way. The food it offers is purely tastes like the Indian traditional spicy foods. It’s the best place for people who love Indian food with a little Indian presentation style. That makes Zafran ranked among one of the best Indian Restaurants in Dubai.

This is one of the award winning restaurants. It offers north west Indian cuisine that is freshly made according to the quality standards. Zafran’s delicious menu covers the whole range of kebabs, currys, biryani plus their signature dishes. You will also like their drinks. Indian cuisine lovers must pay a visit to this restaurant and enjoy their finest food.