A Tragic Fire in UAE kills 6 Pakistanis, including 4 of a family


Six Pakistanis were killed, including 4 from one family after a fire broke out in their home in the Al Ain’s Zakher, at dawn on Friday.

The fire broke out in one of the rooms of the apartment, filled with wood and gas cylinder, in addition to many other materials that helped ignite, and the relevant security authorities continue to investigate to see all the circumstances of that painful incident.

The fire resulted in the death of the father, in the age of fifties, Two of his sons and their cousin, in their twenties and two friends, while one person escaped from the fire named Mohammed Rahim, 50 years.

The only survivor of the fire, which also caused material damage to the site, which contained flammable materials, included details of attempts to escape from death and last moments in the life of the deceased and how he survived. Mohammed Rahim, 50, said, “I tried to pull Omer out, but he fell unconscious after suffocating due to the smoke.”

He said that they all went to the bathroom and broke the roof of the aluminum sheets and put out his head to breathe the air and then noticed the spread of smoke in the room that jumped out, “I woke up because of the heat. By the time we realized there was a fire, it had spread all over. Omer and Haider tried to reach the other room, but it was impossible because of the raging flames. I escaped by God’s grace, but I am struggling to cope with the loss of my friends.” said Raheem.

He said he was only a minor burn in the hand and foot and left the hospital after receiving treatment. He concluded his speech by expressing their faith in the judgment of God and his ability to calculate the calamities that afflicted them with a number of families at the time of Allah Almighty.

Mohammed Yousuf, an eyewitness who lives in the same spot, said the site, which started in flames from the wooden room, contained flammable materials, including a generator, gas pipes, air conditioners, wood, and trees, which helped spread the fire quickly. The fire is empty of its inhabitants. As for the Farouk family, the mother and her children went home four months ago and the father and his sons stayed at home to face their fate.

The civil defense team in the Al Ain’s Zakher managed to save one person (Raheem), remove him from the fire and transport him to the nearest hospital to provide appropriate treatment, civil authorities acted vigilantly during the incident and shows a quick reaction.