Aisha Al Mansouri: First Emirati Female Pilot who Flies World Largest Aircraft A380

The first Emirati female pilot who flies world largest aircraft A380
Aisha Al Mansouri:The first Emirati female pilot who flies world largest aircraft A380

From the observation of aircraft flying through the skies of Khor Fakkan, it is the first Emirati to fly an Airbus A380 at the age of 26. This is Aisha Al Mansouri, who has become not only a model for Emirati girls, but for all the girls in the world who want to fly to the top of the success.

The official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the United Arab Emirates, in an interview with Al Mansouri within the “Stories from the United Arab Emirates,” that Mansouri is not the only family that joins the field of aviation, as her sister Maryam, the first Emirati to be a pilot In the UAE Air Force, and that her brother is a helicopter pilot.

Mansouri believes it is funny that her waitress, her sister and her brother in the field of aviation, despite their origins in a small town on the coast of Sharjah, have no airport.

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“I felt like I was coming here and realized I wanted to be near the aircraft for the rest of my life,” she said, referring to her 18-year-old flight attendant.

“I think I made the best decision in my life at the age of 18,” Mansouri said.

Mansouri moved from being a small girl who always raised her head to the sky to see the planes flying at the top, to being a trained pilot.

The challenge was to be the only girl among two in 450 students at the Aviation Academy, and at the time there were no women in the academy to teach aviation.

“If you are qualified and know what to do, everyone will be happy to work with you regardless of whether you are a man or a woman,” she said.

Al Mansouri recalls the feeling she felt after driving the plane on her first flight to Athens. After landing, her coach suggested reviving an old tradition of departing passengers as they got out of the plane. Standing next to him, he turned to her. “I show all these people, I was responsible for their lives.”

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Mansouri said she felt empowered “Because of the confidence that was placed on my shoulders to do this job.”

Despite her busiest achievements at the age of 28, Mansouri will not stop doing more. She still has many future goals in aviation. “I hope to lead the A350, the latest aircraft to join Etihad Airways This is my next goal. “

Al Mansouri aspires to become a captain by achieving 5,500 flying hours. It has now cut more than half the way, ending more than 3,000 hours.