“Al Sa’ada Resort” in Abu Dhabi….Recreation in all colors of beauty


The first phrase expressed by the visitors to the island of happiness in Abu Dhabi, visitors to the island overlooking the Gulf of Abu Dhabi, welcomed the beauty of the spectacular view that captures the eyes, the purity of the sea, and the psychological comfort of the surrounding features around the place. To be the right resort of happiness by all standards.


The Island of Happiness hosted Al-Bayan on a bright and enjoyable day. It was the start of the boat ride to the tourists from the parking lot on Al Mina Street, before the rise of the Sheikh Khalifa Bridge in Saadiyat, where the tourist can park his vehicle in private parking, Tourists to the island are only 10 minutes round or back, and the boat starts off from 9 am to 9 pm and moves between every hour and a half hours.



“The island has been launched as the latest destination for beach tourism in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi near Saadiyat Island, welcoming guests and visitors to spend the quietest time on the island at a reasonable price,” said Khalid, one of the organizers of the resort.

He added that the resort is characterized by its luxurious services and luxurious villas surrounded by rest and swimming pools and water canals, as well as panoramic views of the towers Abu Dhabi skyline, useful that the resort includes 26 “House of happiness”, which consists of two-bedroom, and provides comfort and relaxation for lovers of luxury, where The villas have king or double beds, a kitchen and a balcony directly connected to the beach. The villas are separated by green walls to give the resort’s guests privacy.



The resort offers free access to the two swimming pools. One of the swimming pools offers panoramic views of the Arabian Gulf. It is surrounded by a 24-hour restaurant with a menu of pizza, burgers, and shawarma. Especially for children’s toys and for refreshing drinks on the swimming pools and private beach.

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For his part, tourist Ibrahim Abdullah, one of the resort’s visitors, said that the resort is distinguished from the rest of the resorts in the country and not only in the capital, because of its distinctive tourist service for visitors, in terms of cleanliness of the rooms and expand the guest lounge, The sea that takes the soul to the world of rest is more like what is in the Maldives. He added that house prices are very suitable for owners or even families, they can book through the site or come in advance of the place.

Hassan Shihab explained that the place is wonderful, especially the transfer of passengers from the island to the parking lot, and services are available on the island from the entire range of entertainment, such as water games, swimming pools, and the presence of wildlife such as rabbits and ducks, which attract children a lot of times. He called on all residents inside and outside the capital to visit the beautiful resort, the chance to take a shower of its pure beaches, spend the most time in the resort’s lobby and the outdoor courtyard overlooking the sea and the swimming pool, noting that the resort is an important frontier today in Abu Dhabi, Is witnessing a high turnout among the public.