Al-Watni organizes a week to raise awareness of Breast Cancer


“Al-Watni” (الوطني) puts the health of the individual in the forefront of his responsibilities towards society The National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) organized a healthy week for its employees as part of its ongoing awareness campaigns to promote a healthy lifestyle and support healthy eating habits and behaviors among Bank employees. The program includes early detection of breast cancer, public health awareness campaigns, weight reduction as well as the promotion of exercise and others. The campaign is aimed at reassuring the health of employees and raising health awareness among them about the importance of proper nutrition and coincides with the World Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

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“This week coincides with the International Month of Solidarity with Breast Cancer Patients,” said Manal Al Mazar, Assistant Director-General of Public Relations Department at National Bank of Kuwait. NBK staff participated in this event by wearing pink in an interactive manner. Symbolism towards supporting breast cancer patients.

Al-Matar added that this week’s health event comes within the framework of the Bank’s keenness on the health of its employees and raising awareness of a healthy lifestyle, especially awareness of breast cancer.

QNB continues its awareness campaigns for employees to provide health guidance through doctors and specialists, depending on the health status of each employee. This week, a number of health, sports and nutrition specialists participated in this week, such as Maternity Hospital, Dar Al-Shifaa and others.

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NBK’s record of many pioneering initiatives in supporting the health sector, such as blood donation campaigns. The Bank seeks to provide various support to hospitals, institutions and associations concerned with the provision of health care services in the country, as well as to continuously organize multi-purpose awareness-raising activities and campaigns aimed at promoting health awareness and promoting healthy behaviors and habits among the community.