Amir Khan wants Saudi boxing arena is a space for rapprochement between India and Pakistan

Pakistani boxer Amir Khan said his match with India’s Neeraj Goyat in Saudi Arabia next month was an opportunity to bring India and Pakistan closer, calling on boxing fans from both countries to support the idea.

According to a report by Gulf News, the world champion in badminton sees his match with the Indian Neeraj Goyat in Jeddah on July 12 as an opportunity to prove that sport can break barriers between the two countries.

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Prime Minister and former cricket player Imran Khan will attend the event at King Abdullah Sports City and the boxer sponsors in Dubai say they are determined to be fans from both countries, especially those in Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries.

“Amir is very serious about this, and it has clearly influenced the Pakistani prime minister’s decision to attend the match,” the report quoted Omar Jackson, a partner with Berkeley Asset, a sponsor of the Pakistani player.

The company chose Khan as its brand ambassador in Dubai last December and sponsors it, in addition to the Saudi match.

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The match has created great interest among Indian and Pakistani fans, especially in Saudi Arabia and other parts of the region, who will be in Jeddah. Amir wants to meet all of them as boxing fans and enjoy this occasion, helping to spread some good intentions.


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