Angham presents the song “Yaretek Fahmni from New Album


Singer Angham is preparing to launch the song “Yaretek Fahmni (ياريتك فاهمني)” as the first song to be unveiled on her new album, scheduled for February 20, at 5:00 pm on Tuesday, February 12 through the official channel of Rotana Audio & Video Company.

Lyrics of Nader Abdullah, composed by Tamer Ashour, Amadeo distribution.

Al-Fajr Al-Fani learned from its sources that Angham’s new album includes 14 songs, 13 songs in the Egyptian dialect, and a song in the Lebanese dialect, and recorded all the songs of the album on the way video clip.

Angham collaborates with a large number of poets, composers and distributors including Tamer Ashour, Nader Abdullah, Amir Taaima, Essam Hosni, Jamal Al Khawali, Saber Kamal, Ahmed Al Malki, Madin, Mohammed Abia, Mustafa Al Assal, Ihab Abdul Wahid, Ahmed Zaeem, Mohamed Hamza, Ahmed Ibrahim, Walid Fayed, Karim Osamah, Mohammed Al-Ashi.

On the other hand, Angham will perform a big concert on February 21 at the February Festival in Kuwait, accompanied by Maestro Hany Farhat.