Angham to do a Concert in Saudi Arabia for the second time


Egyptian singer Angham is planning for a second major concert in Saudi Arabia, the second of which has yet to be announced, the second after her first performance on Saudi National Day.

Angham said on her personal account in the application of “Instagram”: “I will meet my beautiful republic in Saudi Arabia soon,” without further details, according to the newspaper “Okaz”.

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The Egyptian singer’s announcement of her concert coincides with the unveiling of 20 million Saudi riyals ($ 5.3 million) by the Chairman of the General Authority for Leisure in Saudi Arabia, Turki Al-Sheikh, to discover the talents of dance, singing, comedy, and others.

Since the start of the “openness” plan, which observers see as part of diverting attention from the policy of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Saudi Arabia has seen a series of concerts, which has never been before.

In addition to concerts and musical events, Riyadh has spent huge sums in the entertainment sector, in parallel with the suffering of a large part of the Saudis from the difficulty of obtaining housing because of high prices and the lack of available land for construction.

The Bloomberg network recently said that Saudi Arabia has decided to resort to the entertainment industry as a gateway to improve the economic situation, but observers put it in a corner of view of the policies of Bin Salman.

Since the arrival of bin Salman to the post of the crown prince, in mid-2017, took a series of “reform” decisions; the most prominent arrest of princes, businessmen, and advocates, clerics, activists, and rights, which collided with popular opposition.

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The kingdom has lifted the ban on cinemas, and cafes have become full of music, even though they were banned in the conservative kingdom.

It has also opened its doors to many international entertainment companies but has come under fire for accounting and dismissal of officials in the sector during the previous period.