Apple is Preparing to manufacture iPhone in India instead of China

A new report by “The Economical Times of India” has revealed that Foxconn, which is responsible for the manufacture of iPhone phones, is ready to start manufacturing iPhone phones in India at its Chennai plant in eastern India as part of its plan to expand and diversify its factories outside China. For the large-scale production of iPhone phones.

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The new report confirms Foxconn’s strong intention to exit China’s borders with its factories to expand in India, with $ 356 million invested to expand the spread of its factories within the Indian border over the past months, hoping to be the new headquarters for the manufacture of iPhone mobiles in the coming period.

The Taiwanese giant’s plan is a reaction to the deepening trade dispute between the United States and its companies and the Chinese dragon. The Foxconn plan is seeking to create 25,000 new jobs at its plants in India, avoiding US-imposed taxes on companies operating in China. Raising production costs and thus raising the prices of those products by reaching markets.

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Apple had a previous experience with the manufacture of iPhone phones in India with Westron, which made phones for iPhone SE and iPhone 6s, and Apple will be able through Foxconn new step to achieve the condition of working within the territory of India, that the employment within the factories of India by 30%, Apple will be able to open official stores within India.

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