Apple Sued by a Teenager for $1 Billion


A student sued Apple, claiming a $ 1 billion compensation claim that the company’s face recognition program had mistakenly linked it to a series of thefts at Apple stores, according to Bloomberg.

Osman Bah, 18, said he was arrested at his New York home in November on charges of stealing from the Apple store.

He added in the lawsuit filed Monday that the arrest warrant included a picture that does not resemble him.

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He said one of the robberies on which he was charged in Boston occurred in June while attending a concert in Manhattan, New York.

Bah had obtained the patent after it became clear that his documents had been stolen and used in the Apple store for theft.

Since the personal identity does not contain a picture, the company used facial recognition systems to associate the person’s picture with the identity holder, so that Bah’s arrest would be followed.

After the investigation began, investigators found that the images sent by Apple had nothing to do with the accused, and Bah was attending a concert in conjunction with the theft.

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Bah said in the compensation suit that he was under intense pressure and tired of responding to false allegations from Apple.