Avoid Parking Fines by Getting Parking Permits in Abu Dhabi before August 18

Resident Parking Permits to start Issuing in Abu Dhabi

Paid parking across Abu Dhabi will be implemented from August 18.

The Department of Transport has urged all vehicle owners to apply for resident parking permits to avoid fines.

The annual fees for residents permit for non-nationals is Dh800 for the first permit, and Dh1,200 for the second permit. Permits are also issued bi-annually for Dh400 for the first permit and Dh600 for the second permit. UAE nationals living in apartments are eligible for four free resident permits after DoT’s approval.

Tenants and property owners can apply for parking permits in addition to first-degree relatives living in the same residence, two permits per residence. Permit should be issued specifically for the vehicle and the area where the residence is located. To get residential permit, motorists need to submit a tenancy contract along with other documents.