Azizi Developments orders 10 Tesla Cybertrucks for Customer Visits

Azizi Developments orders 10 Tesla Cybertrucks for Customer Visits

Another big name that wants to get their hands on the All-Electric Cybertruck by Tesla is the leading UAE based developer, Azizi Developments.

With a rather unsuccessful launch on a Global Platform, Tesla’s revolutionary All-Electric Cybertrucks have become the talk of the town since then. With orders pouring in from around the world, this Electronic SUV has had a sale of $18 Million, surpassing 250,000 orders.

Azizi Development has placed a pre-order of a hefty 10 Cybertrucks, to enhance its customers’ pre-sales experience by taking them on-site visits to its developments over Dubai’s prime areas. Currently having a fleet of American and German-made vehicles, the Cybertruck will be replacing all its predecessors in the company by the end of 2021.

Farhad Azizi, CEO of Azizi Developments, remarked: “We are amped up for this pre-order, with it underlining our pledge to being a sustainable, environmentally conscious developer that has its clients’ wellbeing on the most fundamental level. We are anticipating modernize our armada with Tesla’s Cybertrucks.”

Azizi development is known for its technologically adept and technically knowledgeable endeavors, Azizi Developments puts technological advancements at the cutting edge of its development.

Azizi told: “Acquisition costs of Tesla’s Cybertruck are very reasonable as well, especially when compared to our current fleet of German and American brands. Most importantly, though, beyond monetary savings, this is a monumental step towards sustainability and preserving the environment of the world we live in.”

Currently owning many of Tesla vehicles in its fleet, Azizi told the reason for the preference of this All-Electric SUV over all others: “The Cybertruck perfectly suits our needs for customer site visits. With its outstanding off-roading capability and size, an entire family can fit comfortably in a single-vehicle, and can visit new sites that may not have the infrastructure in place yet”.

“It is also one of the safest vehicles out there with its ultra-hard exoskeleton, and one of the most eye-catching and iconic EVs, making it an exciting mode of transport for our customers.”

Azizi Developments currently has 54 ongoing projects to be delivered between 2019 and 2023 and usage of Electric Vehicles(EV’s) perfectly aligns with its sustainability commitments and reliance on clean and renewable energy mission.