Bella Hadid Issues Apologies for Her Controversial Photo

Bella Hadid in hot waters after a wave of Arab anger

Bella Hadid turned into a top trend on social media in Saudi Arabia and the UAE accusing irony of racism and calling for its punishment for the image and boycotting products in which she featured.

A fierce criticism on the Palestinian model, “Bella Hadid”, after the publication of a picture of her shoes showing part of her husband lying in the waiting room at an airport, the story of the Stories on the site of Instagram. But the young woman was caught in the trap of social networking sites, deliberately missing or missing the backdrop of the picture showing planes carrying two flags of the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. This detail made a storm of outrage and criticism blowing in her face.

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Following the spread of the picture, the leading social networking sites in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, “#BellaHadidIsRacist”, turned into a trend in the two countries, accusing them of racism and calling for their punishment for the image, boycotting supporting products such as Dior and Versace, Victoria Secret, an apology for what she did to the Saudi and Emirati people.

Bella Hadid Apologizes

The model, who is a father of Palestinian origin and a Dutch American mother, posted the photo on her front page on the social networking site Instagram.

“What Bella Hadid did was unacceptable,” one of her followers commented. “As a Saudi girl, I will protect my country from people like you.”

The 22-year-old model was apologized in both Arabic and English.

“I will never accept to use my pages and publications to express hatred towards anyone, especially if it is related to my origins, my heritage and the strong,” she said in her apology.

“I love with all my heart the Muslim and Arab side of my family, my brothers and sisters all over the world,” she said.

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Bella Hadid, for her part, deleted the picture, wrote a personal statement on her personal account, saying that her image had nothing to do with politics. She did not notice the presence of Saudi Arabia and the UAE in the background, and she could never underestimate the respect of these airlines or the countries that followed them.