British Women Living with 80 Cats in Abu Dhabi

British women living with 80 cats in Abu Dhabi

Emma Baton has a large number of cats who have provided shelter since she came to the UAE in 2011.

The four-bedroom British expatriate villa in Khalifa City has turned into a sanctuary for more than 80 cats – most of them abandoned pets picked up from the streets.

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Cats are everywhere in her home, in her living room, in the kitchen, on the stairs, in the kitchen sink, on the wardrobe, and there is almost no cat-free spot in her house. The 16-year-old cat is the youngest of 14.

How did she begin her love affair with cats?

Patton says it all began with “Desire”, a small pony found by her neighbor, who handed her over.

“I took them,” said Bouton, who runs a consulting firm in Abu Dhabi. Soon after, I began to realize that there were too many cats that had been abandoned by their owners. I started bringing in more. “

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Baton spends between 10,000 dirhams and 15,000 dirhams a month on food and garbage. The amount is higher if there are veterinary bills according to Patton statement. She recently took a cat with meningitis. The bill was about 35,000 dirhams.

But Bouton says she continues to do what she does because there is no other option.

Patton praises the UAE’s efforts to protect animals: “The UAE is taking great strides forward. It provides legislation against cruelty to animals and makes it illegal to dispose of animals. “