Buddha statue on Abu Dhabi-Dubai Road Surprised Residents and Tourists


Tourists and residents of the UAE were surprised by the statue of Buddha on the highway between Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Activists documented the presence of the statue with a video that was widely spread across social media sites.

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The three-dimensional statue, which is 10 meters high, was uncovered by the Gulf Times newspaper.

The statue comes as part of the Louvre sculptures and was erected on the Sheikh Zayed Road (Abu Dhabi-Dubai) to draw attention to its near-appearance in the museum.

The monument raised a shocking surprise among the fans through Twitter, considering that the UAE is trying to attribute any historical icon to it.

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Activists pointed out that the UAE is striking the Islamic jurisprudential opinions about the statues and does not commit to “provoking” its citizens.

The Louvre Museum said the Buddha statue dates back to the eleventh and twelfth century and was brought from China.