Burj Jumeirah an Addition to the Dubai’s Skyline


Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum on Thursday launched the Jumeirah Tower project to be a new landmark for Dubai’s urban landscape and landmark, the official Emirates News Agency (WAM) reported. It is reported with the slogan  “A new tourist in the heart of Jumeirah. ”

Al Maktoum visited the project site and briefed him on the details of the main development plan being implemented by the Dubai Holding Group.

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“The ruler of Dubai praised the new project, which is added to Dubai’s tourism facilities and establishes its position on the international tourist map and enhances its competitiveness among the best cities in the world,” WAM said.

“The launch of the tower underscores the success of our strategy to implement sustainable, smart projects with great economic and tourism value for Dubai, in line with the Emirate’s long-term development plans, and we hope to complete the first phase of the project in 2023 ” said Dubai Holding Chairman Abdullah Al Habai.

“The Jumeirah Tower will be one of the most distinctive architectural features in terms of design, inspired by the ripples of the hills and desert oases. The tower will provide visitors with the opportunity to enjoy watching Dubai around the clock on multiple heights and trends.”

“The platform is expected to become a major destination for fireworks and various events that adorn the emirate’s skies during the various events hosted by Dubai throughout the year.”

According to the agency, the tower is located in a new dynamic area, “Downtown Jumeirah”, which has an important location at the heart of what will be known in the new city of Dubai. Through its development plan, Dubai Holding aspires to transform it into an active area based on infrastructure, Smart to become the new city center.

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At the base of the tower and the surrounding area, large spaces will be available to accommodate large numbers of the public and ensure a distinctive interactive atmosphere for visitors. The region will also offer many options for retail outlets including shops, restaurants, and cinemas along the perimeter of the tower.

Its unique concept, attractive initiative, and rich facilities to attract tourists and residents and to revitalize the commercial and tourist traffic in the Downtown Jumeirah area with ease of navigation and modern and modern transport links linking the Jumeirah region.