Coming to Dubai? Learn Benefits of the Visa Types in UAE


UAE is a place where people from around the world are getting associated. But for every purpose, the state has to offer you a different visa and with the right visa, you can fulfill your purpose lawfully. Whether the plan’s for tourism or employment.

UAE is offering five different visas to the world for different purposes. Each visa holds its own flexibility and advantages. Those 5 different visas are:

1. Tourist visa
2. Employment visa
3. Visiting visa
4. Residence visa
5. Transit visa

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Tourist Visa in Dubai

If you are willing to explore the city of Dubai, as the city is famous for its entertainment values for tourism the tourist visa is the right one for you. Through this visa you get to explore UAE for 30 days, within 30 days you are free to roam in the state. To get this visa, you’ll need sponsorship by a UAE airline, hotel, and tour operators. There are several airlines that offer visa, you can choose yourself which one you like to travel with. Hotel and travel agents can also arrange this visa.

Visit Visa in Dubai

This visa can be arranged if you have a friend or family member residing in the state. By reaching out GDRFA office across the emirate, this process can take a while. After the visa is issued, after that you can get a copy by e-mail or fax. The original copy should be submitted at the airport so you can receive it by arriving. It’s essential that you receive an entry permit before you leave your country.

Employment Visa in Dubai

If you are willing to get a job in UAE you will be needing an employment visa which is also called a work permit. This visa is issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation. This visa will expire in two months if you are searching for a job over there.

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Residence Visa in Dubai

After you are settled with a job, the next step for you would be to get a residence visa. Think of its progression of the latter. To secure this, you’ll need to get through a medical test and apply for another document which is Emirates ID. This ID card helps to identify that you are a valid UAE residence.

Transit Visa in Dubai

Passengers having a long route flight and staying in UAE for more than 8 hours can explore the city by the permission of the UAE government. The authorities are issuing a Transit visa for which gives you a liberty to explore the city. You need to exit the country in 96 hours. This initiative is called Dubai10x.