First Case of Coronavirus Identified in UAE

First Case of Coronavirus Identified in UAE

Ministry of Health is closely monitoring the Wuhan coronavirus situation in the UAE. With more cases emerging outside China, with at least 17 countries affected at the last count, the first case of coronavirus in UAE has also surfaced.

In a statement today, the Ministry of Health and Community Protection has confirmed the first case of coronavirus in the UAE. The victim is reported to be a family coming from Wuhan to the UAE that was found to be affected by the virus.

The ministry added that the health of those infected is stable and under medical observation. It also added that the ministry is closely following the situation to guarantee the health and safety of everyone.

According to the latest official figures, there have now been 4,515 confirmed cases, around 20 percent of which are in a critical condition in China, cautioning that sustained human to human transmission of the virus was already occurring.

The Ministry stressed the hard work round the clock that the epidemiological investigation centers in the country are doing to report early any cases of the virus, stressing that the health system in the country works very efficiently. But the severity of the disease is of serious nature as, like Sars and Mers, the Wuhan coronavirus causes pneumonia and can kill, with a fatality rate above 3 percent, based on confirmed cases.

One of the best practices to keep safe yourself is to constantly wash your hands.

Coronavirus Precautions and Safety Measures

“Once you wash your hands, make sure they are dry. If you can’t wash your hands, make sure you have a hand sanitiser,” said Dr. Stanford, senior director at VPS Healthcare.