Dh121 Billion Projects Linked to Expo 2020 Dubai


The total budget for the Dubai World Expo 2020 is $33 Billion, 70% of which goes to infrastructure projects worth $23 billion in the years leading up to the upcoming global event, according to the Dubai 2018 Economic Report, The expansionary fiscal policy of the Government of Dubai aims to increase government spending through the organization of Expo 2020.

The government of Dubai recently approved – in the budget of 2019 – an amount of 9.2 billion dollars for the development of infrastructure projects and the processing of future benefits, especially the entitlement of «Expo 2020». The report pointed out that one of the most important construction projects related to Expo, Dubai, the host of the event, thus creating a new economic and cultural centre in Dubai.

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Dubai expects more than 25 million visitors to visit the exhibition with a daily average of 300,000 visitors, creating a strong boost for the growth of the construction sector in the coming years.

In addition to major government projects, developers are expected to capture significant opportunities to expand their projects in preparation for the Expo 2020 in Dubai. The exhibition also provides a window to showcase their new projects. A number of large projects are underway, And construction.

The most important of these projects is the Dubai Creek project, which includes the development of a residential area and shopping areas with the Dubai Creek, which is expected to be a new global icon along the lines of Burj Khalifa, and the construction of the new city of Mohammed Bin Rashid, And commercial space, and is expected to contain 1500 villas by 2020. There is also the construction of the Deira Islands, which consists of 4 islands of 15 km and contains a range of residential, tourist, retail and marinas.