Dubai-based Indian Names Their Son Modi on Re-Selection of PM

Narendra Modi on India's fresh Re-elected PM
Dubai-based Expat Names His Son Narendra Modi on India's fresh Re-elected PM

With celebrations being witnessed across the country following Narendra Modi chaired Indian right-wing political party BJP‘s has again win within the Lok Sabha elections, a family here has named their newborn son after the Prime Minister to commemorate his thumping success.

Menaj begum also hailed the governance of the Narendra Modi
* Menaj begum (Mother) with her newly born son Narendra Modi

Speaking to ANI, the newborn’s grandparent Mohammed Idris said, “He has been named Narendra Modi because, on the day he was born, Modi was winning with bumper votes. after he was born his mother called his father in Dubai, who asked whether Narendra Modi is leading. He then asked for his son to be named Narendra Modi”.

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The infant’s mother Menaj begum also hailed the governance of the Narendra Modi government and expressed hope of being benefited by successive government’s schemes.

“I want my son to do sensible work like Modi FTO and become as roaring as him. Modi is doing nice work and that we hope that during this second term we’ll get benefitted by the central government’s scheme,” she said.

Prime Minister Modi, who steered the NDA coalition to a colossal conclusion within the Lok Sabha elections, was on Saturday unanimously elected the leader of the BJP Parliamentary Party and also the NDA Parliament Party to lead the new government yet again.

With the official counting of the Lok Sabha elections over on Friday, the BJP has secured 303 seats, twenty-two quite the party got in the 2014 elections. The NDA’s total tally went up to 352 in 17th Lok Sabha.

The NDA tally of 352 includes 303 of BJP, 18 of Shiv Sena, 16 of JDU, six of Lok Janshakti Party, 2 every of Akali Dal and Apna dal and one each of All Jharkhand Students Union, Loktantrik Party, Mizo National Front and National people’s party and one independent backed by the BJP in Karnataka.

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