Dubai Expo 2020 Tickets Prices & How to Get Online


Dubai never fails to amuse us. Taking the entertainment sector to the next level is what we can expect surely from Dubai. Speaking of entertainment, Dubai has revealed the price for the tickets of the world’s biggest and longest expo.

This exhibition will kick-off in October 2020, and open for tickets from April 2020. The celebrations will go on for 173 days.

You will be able to get the tickets from the official Expo 2020 website.

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Being a resident of Dubai makes us feel luckier, as we can witness an exhibition which will feature the pavilions dedicated to countries around the globe. Which will be hosting 75 events every single day.

Enthusiasm is growing as less than 550 days are left before the opening of the exhibition. This could be the biggest event being held in the Arab region. Said Sanjive Khosla, deputy chief of sales and marketing at Expo 2020 Dubai.

He further added, “We are eagerly waiting to welcome the visitors from every corner of the world. This will be a chance to show the world the amazing hospitality of Arab culture. As to be a host of world exhibition, we make sure that it is accessible to all. The prices and concessions are set according to it.”

Kids aged 6 to 17 and students get 50% off while the citizens aged above 65 can visit it for free. Complimentary access will also be granted to People of determination while their carers will have to pay only half the ticket price.

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For international travelers, tickets will be offered in bundled packages of single-day and 3 days. Tickets will only be provided for authorized retailers.

Dhs120 will be the price of an adult day-pass, while the three-day pass will cost Dhs260. Three days pass can be accessible any three days throughout the expo.

Stars and comedians all over the world will be performing live in the expo. Moreover, there will be cultural experiences as well for instance poetry slam and fashion shows and talks from top academics.