Dubai Film Festival Promotes the Egyptian film “Judgment Day (يوم الدين)”


The Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) will continue to promote the Egyptian film “Judgment Day (يوم الدين)” as part of its international tour and show it in a number of European countries.

“After being shown in the Arab world, the Judgment Day continues its European shows and shows in the Netherlands, Spain, and Brazil this week,” DIFF representative said.

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The film revolves around a journey on the road of a man named Bashai (بشاي) in the middle of his life, who grew up in a colony, after the death of his wife he was devastated, and also infected with leprosy, leaves the colony and goes with his Nubian friend Obama and his donkey during a trip across Egypt in an attempt to reconnect with his family In order to reach his village in Qena.

“The Judgment Day” was part of the official competition of the Cannes International Film Festival last year, and was nominated by the Oscar nomination committee for the Oscar for best foreign film.