Dubai International Airport to have ‘First-ever airport resident DJ’


Dubai always comes up with new interactions to attract people from all over the world. This time it has a great idea to get people to engage in an in house party while waiting for your flight.

Matt Horobin, Brand Director at Dubai Airports introduced the new project launched by the name ‘first-ever airport resident DJ’. The new creative idea is to bring in concert within the premises of the airport.

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Dubai airport has collaborated with local band Hollaphonic’s members Olly Wood and Greg Stainer to create regular free monthly performances for the airport audience.

Being the busiest airport and every minute flight it is always full of passengers waiting for their flights or boarding and longer waiting can cause tiredness. To ease the pain the band will be there performing live at the airport for free.

No need to carry your music devices and worry about the charging going out, now you can enjoy the best in house music facility to enjoy and pass time at the Dubai Airport.

The idea was to create a never heard before music concert on the go. The band will be performing with a moving stage on the basis of traffic and seasonality on a weekly schedule.

Dubai Airports unveil its new brand earlier this year as a hub for hospitality, culture, and entertainment. Furthermore, the plan is to extend and rebrand the Dubai airport with more hospitality features and new cultural experiences that include art and fashion.

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As part of the rebrand, the airport said it will feature more hospitality options as well as cultural experiences including music, art, and fashion.

Next time if you plan to visit Dubai any time of the day do experience and enjoy the new in house concert with international chart-topping DJ duo Hollaphonic performing live at the Dubai airport.