Dubai Mall launches Childcare Service in Cooperation with Malaak


In celebration of Mother’s Day, Dubai Mall offers the first child care service of its kind in the UAE, in cooperation with “Malaak Mama & Baby Care”, the leading and reputable organization in the field. The exclusive service is the latest addition to the exceptional range of services that Dubai Mall continues to offer to ensure the best shopping experience for all visitors and provide them with all facilities to suit their needs at all levels.

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As of March 21, pregnant mothers and pregnant women can take advantage of the childcare service at the mall by escorting a qualified teacher from the Malak Foundation during shopping, so that the visitors enjoy a quiet, comfortable and uneventful experience. Malaak nurses have specialized expertise and are qualified to care for newborns and young children, including feeding them, changing their diapers and helping them sleep.

On the occasion of Mother’s Day, the Dubai Mall on the weekend of March 21st to 23rd will offer the first two ladies who will book this service every three days for two free childcare hours. In addition, these ladies will have a wonderful relaxation experience from “Perfumery & Co”, including “Trevor Sorbie Hair Wash and Drying”, as well as a stunning new look from Make-Up Studio.

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Child care is available at the Dubai Mall every day and throughout the center’s hours of operation. Reservations can be made by contacting direct owners on 058 184 5983 or visiting the private service office near the ground floor showroom. Reservations can be made for at least 2 hours, starting at AED 150 per hour.

Established in 2013, Mama Angel is a leader in the sector and provides outstanding services to families before and after childbirth.