Dubai Opera is organizing the Disney Classics Film Festival

Dubai Opera is organizing the Disney Classics Film Festival

Dubai Opera is organizing the Disney Classics Film Festival until August 30 and is one of the most important events that it offers, as part of family shows and celebration of childhood. 48 of Disney’s most popular animated films, which have achieved worldwide success over many years, include Cinderella, The Beauty and the Beast, The Hawks Box, The Book of the Jungle, and The Little Mermaid, And others.

On the sidelines of the performances, the Dubai Opera hosts a range of events and recreational activities for children aged 3 years and above, to make the most of the visit, stimulate them to discover their talents and create a loved experience in their minds about their experience in opera, and learn to the arts to spread cultural awareness.

A children’s play area, art workshops, and handicraft instruction, such as candle making, ceramic coloring, and the magical kitchen led by Mixi and Steri allow culinary arts education.

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Activities include enjoying lego games and face painting, jumping on trampolines, participating in the music and art lab, and a karaoke singing competition, to satisfy children’s hobbies in various fields and unleash their creative potential.

Art Treasures

Jasper Hope, Executive Director of Dubai Opera, said he was delighted with the organization of the festival. “The idea started from our desire to revive the classic films that influenced the childhood of previous generations, and to give our children the opportunity to watch them and enjoy them to be part of their cultural stock,” he said.

Most of these films are no longer available for viewing on cinema screens again, and their scarcity was an incentive to communicate with Disney to agree with them on the establishment of this festival to show her films and art treasures and family business and to cooperate to present to new generations of audiences with the potential of “Dubai Opera” accompanied by events and recreational activities and Educational.

On the selection criteria for films, he added: “The films were chosen in cooperation with Disney to suit both adults and children. I think that the festival will prompt us to repeat the idea, host it again and introduce more films in the future.”

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Agnes Tobias from the Philippines explained: “I have been in Dubai for 15 years, and since the opening of Dubai Opera, I have attended more than one show, but I consider this festival the most outstanding event because it delighted my entire family, watching Disney movies, and my children enjoy a variety of activities“.

Hanan Ali from Saudi Arabia expressed her fascination with the atmosphere of the festival and its activities, and said: “I am visiting Dubai and happy to be in Dubai Opera, and at the same time I am surprised to host recreational activities for children and family during the summer vacation, as I thought that the opera address the elite from adults, no place for fun, and for children”.