Dubai Police Returns Forgotten Passport of Tourist within 30 Minutes


Yahiya Abdul Aal, a young Sudanese resident in Ireland, who arrived in Dubai on a tourist visit for a few days, was surprised yesterday morning when he arrived at Dubai International Airport to catch his flight back to Dublin via Emirates and he did not have his passport. He found that he had forgotten the passport in the taxi, Dubai Creek, and he had many thoughts that might delay his return for a long time.

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He might have to travel to his country of origin in Sudan with an urgent travel document so that he could obtain a new passport at the time of his short leave and his stay in Ireland.
But only a few minutes later, Dubai Police, after coordinating with Dubai Roads, disrupted his concerns. He got his passport within half an hour, he explained, and although he did not make the trip, he seemed happy and surprised at the same time with the treatment and high speed that He regained his passport.

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Yahiya expressed his joy and surprise at this situation and confirmed the impossibility of happening in any country in the world, and keen to record what he feels after this position on his Facebook page, he wrote the following:

“Actually, Dubai is the country of the neighborhood and all the presidents like His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the morning I walked the airport with a taxi and a taxi in the taxi, the police said, the military told me to call the number and do not worry and I actually called the number. They did not ask me the name of the drivers The only Arabic form they asked me was where I went, where I got off, how much time I paid, and of course the questions. I lost hope and I kept thinking about the embassy. I took out an urgent visa and went down to Sudan to get a new passport.

In less than 10 minutes they called me and told me they found the passport and then they return it to me. The trip to Dublin missed me, but I am very impressed by the UAE, which happened, and it is not available even in Europe, but Europe is light years away. Of course, now I am shocked, salute Dubai and UAE His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, and UAE Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai”.