Dubai Ramadan Fridges 2019 Released on Google Maps


A few days before the start of Ramadan, the map of Dubai’s Ramadan refrigerators had now available on Google Maps.

The map lists the locations of all refrigerators registered in the volunteer-led initiative that operates throughout the holy month, making it easy for anyone to participate by donating food to one of these temporary units.

In order to provide food and drink free of charge to workers throughout the communities of Dubai, Ramadan will begin to participate in refrigerators on the first day of Ramadan and does not allow the licensing group to open refrigerators earlier.

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How to Find a Refrigerator?

There are about 150 refrigerators spread throughout the city from Jebel Ali to Al Mizhar on the Sharjah border.

Refrigerators are located in each area on the map with a colored spatial marker, although each area has its own color so that it is easy to locate in the neighborhood you are looking for, according to The National.

Clicking on the tags will open an info box that lists more details about each refrigerator, including the name, physical address, and contact details of the manager. Hours are also listed because some refrigerators are open all day but others have restricted times.

Most refrigerators are located in residential communities, but some are in hotels, businesses or schools. These include Steigenberger, Media One Hotel, Light House Arabia, Dubai English School, and the Prairie Farm.

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How to Participate

Community members are encouraged to keep a number of surplus items throughout the month of Ramadan and then deliver the goods to the nearest refrigerator. All kinds of dry foods including fruits, vegetables, canned goods, and beverages are welcome but can not accept any hot or cooked items.