Dubai real estate markets attracted international investors


Dubai has emerged as an important global gateway as its unique geographical location means it is in an excellent position to form a hub for Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, the key future economic growth centers.

During the first nine months of 2018, the emirate hosted investors from more than 142 nationalities investing in Dubai properties, including the top 10 investors from countries such as India, the UK, Pakistan, and China.

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In the long term, the emirate will witness stable growth despite regional and global challenges, adding that many of the major global housing markets have undergone rapid property tax reforms in recent years, with additional taxes and fees Foreign buyers Unlike Dubai, which does not impose such surcharges and operates as a tax-exempt system of income and capital, it encourages buyers from a variety of countries.

Dubai real estate investments are diverse and diverse, with attractive returns of 6-7% on average in the residential market that continues to attract a group of investors from around the world. These factors have contributed to the city’s strong rating in Mercer, The Quality of Life Index, the Living Conditions Index from the Economist Intelligence Unit and the Lonely Planet Index.

The continued improvement in the quality of life, coupled with the city’s excellent population growth, demonstrates the fact that Dubai has taken the right path and set the record straight. Few cities have been able to reconcile the two at the same time.

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Not surprisingly, investors own residential properties in Dubai as part of their portfolio, along with their New York homes, a London home for their children, or a second home in southern France.

Knight Frank added that its clients are truly global citizens, demonstrating that the emirate is strengthening its position as a major central city for real estate investment regionally and internationally.