Dubai Shuts Down 14,000 Social Media Account Selling Fake Products


The Department of Economic Development in Dubai announced the closure of about 14 thousand imaginary accounts on social networking sites in 2018 to sell counterfeit goods.

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The department said it had taken action in line with a strategy to promote competitiveness and sustainable business growth in Dubai.
The department said it closed the accounts on social networking sites after it turned out to be selling goods and counterfeit goods, with a total of 88 million followers.

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She pointed out that the overwhelming majority of the closed accounts were on “Instagram”, which amounted to 13528 sites compared to 419 accounts on “Facebook”, pointing out that the monitoring continues on the commercial pages of social networking sites around the clock, as well as cooperation with trademark owners and law firms Which helped detect 45 websites to sell counterfeit goods. The department was able to trace counterfeit products to more than 48 international counterfeit brands, including women’s handbags, watches and phone accessories, perfumes, cosmetics, clothing, and shoes.