Dubai to launch first Environment-Monitoring Satellite in 2019

Dubai to launch first Environment-Monitoring Satellite in 2019

The Director of the Environment Department at the DM, Alia Abdul Rahim Al Harmoudi said that the environment monitoring satellite of Dubai Municipality DMSAT1 will be completed by the end of this year and launched in the second quarter of 2019.

The Municipality has utilized the latest environmental monitoring techniques to monitor the air pollutants and greenhouse gases causing this situation.

Al Harmoudi said, “Climate change is one of the most important environmental challenges faced by the people across the world as it threatens the sustainability of ecosystems and natural resources on Earth as well as the health and safety of communities. This satellite provides a wide range of important and multipurpose data for environmental research and studies.”

The Nano metric environmental satellite will be covering large areas of land and sea as it orbits the earth 14 times per day and reobserves the same monitoring site within five days.

The satellite will provide space data for the monitoring process during sandstorms. It will have two computers, one for ground communication and data storage and the other for sensors and actuators responsible for accurate guidance of the satellite during the monitoring operation.

The satellite is powered by solar storage panels. It also contains a GPS system to ensure accurate traffic on specific sites at specific time intervals for monitoring purposes. It enhances Dubai’s environmental monitoring capabilities to the world’s highest standards.

The important usages of the environmental satellite is the monitoring and measurement of aerosols in the atmosphere. The satellite will monitor and provide data on the greenhouse gases which are the cause of climate change. This system will be identifying and taking appropriate control measures to reduce the sources of air pollution.