Dubai to Replace Cleaners with AI Robots starting with Metro

The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has begun to keep abreast of modern technology with new technologies for artificial intelligence technology, using robots in metro stations for cleaning.

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The move comes in line with the Authority’s efforts to support the United Arab Emirates strategy for artificial intelligence to achieve the company’s first strategic objective, Dubai Smart, according to the Gulf Times.

The robot is designed according to international standards. It is efficient, fast and highly efficient. It uses the least amount of detergent, provides a high level of sterilization, and cleans floors with water and detergents without human intervention.

The modern robot has sensors and receivers to make it able to move between spaces and galleries and to detect barriers to avoid collisions, where the robot moves 360 degrees.

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The use of these robots in the cleaning of the Dubai metro stations is the first test of its kind in the world, said Mohammed Hassan Al Amiri, Director of Railways Maintenance and Roads and Transport Authority of the UAE.

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