Dubai’s Careem admits to Data Breach, affects 14 Million Customers

Dubai's Careem admits to Data Breach, affects 14 Million Customers

The Dubai based company Careem has confirmed that a cyber-attack on January 14, 2018 resulted in the theft of personal data of up to 14 million people in Middle East, North Africa, Pakistan and Turkey.

According to Careem, the financial data such as bank account details had not been accessed in the breach. Credit card information remained safe but the hackers had been able to access customers’ names, email addresses, phone numbers and trip data and they got all the Careem’s captains’ personal information.

The company had seen no evidence of fraud or misuse related to this incident however, it has suggested its customers to change their passwords and avoid opening emails and links from unfamiliar sources.

Careem said to its customer, “It’s our responsibility to be open and honest with you and to reaffirm our commitment to protecting your privacy and data. We also want to share with you the actions we are taking to address the issue and to prevent it from happening in the future and we are also working with law enforcement agencies.”

It further said that as soon as the breach is detected they will launch a thorough investigation and engaged leading cybersecurity experts to assist in strengthening security systems.