Electric Powered Racing Aircraft unveiled at Dubai Air Show

First All Electric Air Craft In Dubai

The ongoing Dubai Air Show this weekend was a prosperous affair, among the astounding inventions and developments, The First All-Electric Powered Racing Aircraft was showcased.

The Airbus –backed air racing tournament has introduced an electric-powered sports aircraft, White Lightning. Named after the nickname of Pilot Andrew Chadwick, who was the first person to fly the aircraft for it got revamped to all-electric.

The futuristic single-seated aircraft is the world’s first as claimed by the European makers. The electrified new age craft is manufactured by Condor Aviation-UK Based.

According to the revealed features of White Lightning:

  • It weighs 375 Kg.
  • It will run at a flight speed of 483 km/hr (300mph).
  • The battery will provide up to 5 minutes of high-intensity racing, with up to 10 minutes of flying at low power. The motor is powered by Lithium batteries.

In the pictures, it can be seen that the aircraft is fitted by a contra-rotating propeller power train that provides continuous electric power.

Here is a video by Jet Line Marvel featuring Jeff Zaltman, The CEO and Founder of Air Race E about the inaugural of first electric race plane:

Air Race E, A project that contemplates 16 teams racing electric-powered aircraft around a circuit at up to 450 kmp (278 mph) and about 10 meters (32 ft) off the ground . The CEO and founder Jeff Zaltman in an interview revealed that unveiling the White Lightning in Dubai marks:

“The first time we have let anyone outside of our teams and partners under the hood of a race airplane to showcase some of the cutting-edge electric technology that will be in use during the series”

The makers also proclaimed an inaugural race set in late 2020, where White Lightning will also compete with other extraordinary air crafts.

Mr. Zaltman added:

“Air Race One has been going seven years and I’ve no plans to stop it. But I can now see the potential of electric aircraft to revolutionise air travel,” he said.
Hopefully, when we’re all flying in electric commercial aircraft, engineers will trace some of the roots back to Air Race E.”

Air Race E has aimed to promote green aviation which will help boost aviation and motorsport in the years to come.

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