Emirates Completes 20 Years of Operations with Lahore & Islamabad


Emirates celebrating 20 years of successful operations in Lahore and Islamabad, Pakistan’s two main cities, has been marked by the prestigious Emirates, The award-winning airline has recorded carrying more than 8.4 million passengers on both routes in the last two decades, solid year-on-year growth in Lahore and Islamabad over the years.

The heart of Emirates, Dubai has to turn out to be the most popular destination for passengers traveling from Lahore and Islamabad. Then be it a connecting flight for religious travel to Jeddah, Medina, and Baghdad which is also very frequent over the years while London, New York, Manchester, and Birmingham were popular among leisure and business travelers.


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In a statement Vice President Pakistan, Jabr Al-Azeeby, Emirates Airline said: “We are embarking on a real milestone as we celebrate 20 years of service to Islamabad and Lahore. Pakistan is a major market for Emirates and we take great pride in the role we play in providing global connectivity both for business and leisure passengers who are traveling from Pakistan to Dubai and beyond. We remain committed to this market and look forward to continuing working closely with our industry partners in Pakistan to provide the best possible services to our customers.”

Important cargo destinations for the airline in the region, Lahore and Islamabad, have recorded over 123,962 tons of cargo carriage in the last five years. The airline continues to play an important role in fuelling trade between Pakistan and the UAE, enabling local exporters and businesses to connect to both developed and emerging markets in the airline’s network of key trade and commerce hubs. Over the years fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, meat, machinery, and equipment are key exports and imports between the two countries.


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The special bond between the Emirates and Pakistan begins 33 years ago when it first ever flights from Dubai landed in Karachi on 25th October 1985. Since then, this historic partnership has continued to widen with Emirates currently offering services to five Pakistani cities including Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar, and Sialkot. The launch of Emirates operations in 1985 in Karachi was followed by its service to Peshawar in 1998. In 1999, Emirates became a part of Islamabad and Lahore’s skies before the initiation of its Sialkot service in 2013.

Emirates remains fully committed to all five markets in Pakistan including Karachi, Sialkot, and Peshawar as they’re all a core and an integral part of the airline’s network.