Emirates Trip to Space to get Documentary by National Geographic


National Geographic has partnered with the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center for 4 years to document the Emirates’ journey into space.

“We are proud of this partnership that celebrates the vision of the UAE’s leadership that encourages new generations and inspires them to innovate and transcend the boundaries of the planet to space,” said Sunjay Rayna, Director General and Vice President of Fox Networks Group.

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“Now we have the opportunity to move forward with a new chapter of space discovery stories for viewers from all over the world,” he said.

He said that National Geographic is partnering with the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center in a clear vision that seeks to create sophisticated and sustainable solutions to the challenges of resources and the global environment, as well as to provide an international platform for the exchange of knowledge and means of development.

Under the partnership, National Geographic will present a documentary show from 4 episodes highlighting the UAE’s unlimited ambition and exceptional space achievements.

The presentation discusses the UAE’s space projects, such as the launch of Khalifa Sat, the first Arab-made satellite made with 100% Emirati hands, the launching of Mars exploration flights and the construction of the first A city that is good for life and sheds light on the 100-year plan to build a city on Mars within the program Mars 2117.

The orbits of Mars are focused on the “Emirates Exploration Project – the Path of Hope”, the first Arabian mission for Mars and the launch of the probe in 2020, to reach the Red Planet by 2021, coinciding with the Golden Jubilee of the UAE. On this project.

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The series provides details on how to select and train the first Emirati astronaut team within the UAE astronaut program, and details about the mission of the first Emirati astronaut to the International Space Station, in a remarkable storyline highlighting the scientific and human aspect of the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center.

The documentary series will address promising UAE space projects aimed at educating young people and stimulating their passion for exploring and interacting with space science.