Emirates University Students Create a Smart car with 22 features


Three students, Maryam Al Dosari, Fatima Al Mazroui, and Sarah Aliaf, studied at the United Arab Emirates University (UAE), a smart car with 22 facilities that contribute to community service, according to the United Arab Emirates.

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The idea of innovation depends on the smart application that sends text messages to the vehicle owner’s phone if the vehicle is used. If one of them is forgotten inside the car, any suspicious movement senses the sensors inside it. If not acted within minutes, the message will be sent directly to the police for action. Necessary and locate the car with ease and ease.

The application features many features and features by connecting it with a motion sensor camera with sensors in the chairs to sense any movement or weight in the car and a gauge that determines the oxygen and heat ratio inside the car. The application controls an internal solar fan in the car to cool it. The application involves the identification of the person through the footprint.

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Where the wheel level and mirrors change to fit the fingerprint and a plethora of music that is usually heard by the owner of the footprint and immediately appears on the screen user’s name, the owner can use the fingerprints of many people authorized to use his car. “We seek to spread and integrate innovation that includes many ideas and apply them to reduce the problem of forgetting children in cars.