Emirati Students Invents a Device to Convert Plastic to Fuel Products


Three students have invented a fuel-generating device through plastic recycling, with the aim of reducing carbon emissions and taking advantage of carbon credits as well as reducing the cost of energy production.

The students, Alia Abdul Rahman, Fatima Abdullah Al-Dhahnani and Yahya Abdullah Al-Kaabi, who are in the 12th grade at the Um Al-Emarat school, were supervised by the teacher Asma Khadil. The project was carried out using plastic materials and catalysts exposed to a temperature of 350 degrees inside a specially designed reactor that isolates oxygen. Converting plastics into fuel products.

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The students explained that plastic waste is polymers, which are huge particles made up of many different construction units. Signs that they can overcome the difficulty of dismantling and disassembling plastic particles because they do not degrade easily and cause serious damage to the environment.

This idea came from their study of chemistry, especially polymers, and the suffering of the world from the scourge of disposing of plastics, which are recycled more than once and harmful to human health, and their study helped them to research this and obtain more information about that substance It consists of plastic.

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“The environment is full of plastic waste that can not be converted, but it is just being assembled and buried in the land we live on,” he said. “The innovative project would contribute to reducing the value of fuel production and preserving the environment.”

They are aware that their school pays great attention to innovation and is keen to provide all means and means of support, and encourages students to implement projects and display them in national exhibitions so that government agencies and individuals can identify them.