Employee’s can now Work on Multiple Part-Time Jobs in UAE

Employee's can now Work on Multiple PartTime Jobs in UAE

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation UAE give permission to the employees from both inside and outside the country to work as a part-time worker for more than one employer without any agreement of the first employer.

Part-time workers are those who work less than eight hours a day and must be given one day off per week.
The Minister of Human Resources and Emiratisation Al Hamli said, “The new system would promote flexibility in the labour market and fulfill the needs of employers based on the availability of employees in the labour market”.

Al Hamli also said that technical professions requiring intellectually demanding, scientific, technical, supervisory and practical skill-sets must meet qualification requirements of two- or three-year post-secondary institutional training.

There will be annual leaves, end of service benefits, and other financial obligations for primary employer as well as Dh150 to Dh2,000 would be the ministerial fee for primary employer and Dh100 would be required to pay the secondary employer.

The residents of UAE whether they are employed or unemployed, age above 18 years can start applications for a part-time work permit. Visitors or tourists cannot work part-time as they would not have a legal sponsor in the country.

People who are already working in the UAE required No Objection Certificate (NOC) from their full-time employer who is a sponsor and registered under the MOHRE.