Etisalat Aims to launch 5G Data Coverage in 2019

Etisalat Aims to launch 5G Data Coverage in 2019

UAE telecom firm Etisalat aims to offer better quality services to its customers.

The company has decided to upgrade the mobile network service in UAE. It will offer new services including 5G data coverage and Internet of Things (IoT). It will take three months for the service to be upgraded. However, the upgrades to the network will be done in stages.

The customers may face disruption in the network service. Etisalat has apologized to customers in advance for any delays and inconvenience they may face during this period.

The network upgrades will enhance the quality of mobile data experience for the customers. The 5G data coverage which is set to be launched in early 2019 will provide broadband-equivalent download speeds and super-fast streaming to mobile networks around the world.