Fastest Divorce Case in the History of Kuwait for a Strange Reason


Kuwait has experienced the fastest divorce in its history, a few minutes after the marriage between the couple for a strange reason.

The Kuwaiti newspaper “Kuwait” on its website, “Twitter” that after the end of the ceremony of the Koran, two Kuwaiti newlyweds came out of the court. But the bride suddenly stumbled, almost toppling her.

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The groom was surprised by this, but did not help her, but called it “Thul” any idiot. So the bride was angry and went back to the courtroom to ask the judge to annul the marriage contract and express her insistence on divorce.

The incident was the fastest divorce in Kuwait’s history in 2019, and this caused a great stir through social networking sites. Most observers expressed surprise at the bride’s behavior and the bride’s reaction at the same time.

According to new statistics, 22 cases of divorce occur in Kuwait every day, with a total of 5641 annually, according to Assistant Undersecretary of the Social Development Sector in the Ministry of Affairs, Hanaa Al-Hajri.

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Al-Hajri said that “These figures raised the total divorced women in Kuwait to about 75 thousand. This is the biggest figure in Kuwait alone, let alone the divorce cases in the Gulf states … This is a great danger to the society in the present and a greater danger in the future,” she added.