Five Community Schools to Open in Abu Dhabi

Five Community Schools to Open in Abu Dhabi

The Abu Dhabi Education and Knowledge (ADEK) announced that it has opened five new community schools in Abu Dhabi.

New community schools in Abu Dhabi include Humooda Bin Ali School, Saad Bin Moath School, Al Salam School and Al Rowad School and Al Siddique School in Al Dhafra. The opening of new schools brings the total number of community schools to 20 in the Emirates.

Daily activities and programmes provided by community schools include swimming sessions, English, IT courses, art workshops, students tutoring classes, football, basketball, aquatic exercises/workouts, aerobics, science workshops, self-defense training, gymnastics, poetry and theatrical performances, health awareness and social counseling lectures and other activities.

They are ready to provide schools with qualified teachers and specialists to facilitate the various activities and programmes for students and participants as well as capable supervisors who are requested to manage school buildings and facilities.

The Extra-curricular activities section manager Nasser Khamis said the project is expected to cover more schools and activities within the next three years in line with the Adek strategy to serve every school’s local community.