France Unveils Pavilion design at Expo 2020 Dubai


Brune Poirson, secretary of the French Minister François de Rugy, unveiled the environmental transition revealed the design of the French pavilion, which will participate in the World Expo (Expo World) hosted by Dubai from October 20, 2020, until 10 April 2021 under the title “Continues to minds and making the future”.

The French pavilion will be a symbol of France’s participation in this global event, a motto for promoting French innovation and a pilot arena for all visitors. Through its theme, “The Light of Lights”, the pavilion will reflect France’s unique and innovative vision of the transient and inclusive environmental process, combining a powerful architectural initiative with innovative and immersive cinematography.

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The Expo 2020 Dubai will be a great opportunity to show that their choices for environmental and global transition are conducive to solutions, meaning and growth, solutions to make everyday life respect the planet and citizens, and have a goal and growth for both their public and private companies, Innovations Future visitors to their suite.

In an area of 4.5 square kilometers south of Dubai, the “Light, Lights” pavilion will be located in the “Mobility” area, and the other themes will be devoted to “sustainability” and “opportunities” respectively.

The French pavilion aims to highlight the issue of “mobility” as soon as possible while embodying “awareness”, a symbol since the eighteenth century for the exchange and dissemination of knowledge. The French pavilion will promote the French model of innovation, which makes it possible to reconcile the sustainable development and international trade competitiveness of the cities and territories with a relaxed and sustainable, citizen service and public interest.

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The strong idea lies in the heart of the project, the journey of the visitor outside the structure and the continued smooth experiment at home, transforming the waiting time into a moment of rich sharing and passion – a harmony of sensations that encourages dreaming.

Inside, the permanent exhibition – more than 800 square meters – will showcase the French city style in an authentic cinematic scene combining sound, light, fragrance, and materials. The suite is designed by Immersive Group, which is Jean-Marie as its technical director, making this design an amazing and immersive educational experience.

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It is a real space for living, an open meeting point for the world and a tourist and economic attraction for our lands. The “Light, Lights” pavilion will feature a program that will be constantly changing over the course of 24 weeks, during Expo 2020 Dubai.

Parallel to France’s environmental ambition, especially through the “one planet summit”, this wing will be the most sustainable at all because it can be dismantled and reused. It will be designed and implemented in a very advanced manner that takes into account the three pillars of the biosphere: renewable and clean energy and control, sustainable materials and the circular economy at work.