Global Village 24th Season 2020 to return on October 29, 2019


The Global Village is one of the most important tourist attractions in Dubai, and there may be no need for an introduction to describe the endless attractions and the unique carnival-like atmosphere of this multicultural park. Dubai World Village is a quaint entertainment district composed of pavilions from more than 40 countries exhibiting its culture through offerings and typical products such as food and handicrafts.

Global Village has announced it’ll come back for its 24th season on October 29, 2019, and run until April 4, 2020. The 159-day run will see a lot of the internationally themed markets, distinctive food and drink concepts as well as regular live amusement shows.

The 23rd season welcomed a record-breaking seven million guests from October 30, 2018, and even extended by a week to fulfill demand, closing this year on April 13. The demand increased by 16 percent as compared to the 22nd season, with tourists representing 30 percent of tourists.

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Dubai World Village was founded in 1996 on the shores of Dubai Creek and had a few stalls selling products from different countries. Today, this place has become a great attraction out of the ordinary. There is something magical about the global village. This festival garden allows visitors of all cultures to gather to discover other countries in the world within a few hours. You can take a stroll from the Big Ben in London to the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy, take photographs of Silvi in ​​front of the romantic Taj Mahal or return to ancient Egypt. This is some information about the Global Village in Dubai:

  • Current Location: Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road
  • Opening hours: Saturday to Wednesday from 4 pm to 12 am. Thursday – Friday and holidays from 4 pm to 1 pm.
  • Closing time: 11:30 pm Saturday to Wednesday. 12:30 am on Thursday – Friday and public holidays
  • Enjoy a special day for ladies and families only on Monday
  • Types of entertainment: all-inclusive fun, games, shopping, and dining.
  • Duration: Winter months from October to April of each year.
  • The opening season 2019-2020: 29 October – 4 April 2020

Best Activities at the Global Village in Dubai:

World Tour in a day:

The most distinctive feature of the global village is undoubtedly more than 30 pavilions of more than 70 countries including Egypt, India, Turkey, China, Russia, and others, this gives you a rare opportunity to experience the culture, traditions and other things that do not miss from all over the world So in a day. Is not that exciting? So get ready for some amazing and unforgettable cultural experiences as you explore one wing after another for your visit here.

Concerts and live performances:

You’ll see some of the most influential and famous stars from all over Asia, the Middle East and other parts of the world performing directly in front of you. With thousands of performances including live parties on Fridays, you can expect to see many wonderful and lively shows throughout the duration of the global village. Also, do not miss the interesting collection of presentations and cultural performances.

Adventure and sports shows:

The Global Village offers not only concerts and shopping. If you are an adventurous and exciting enthusiast, you will follow the entertainment and entertainment that comes through exciting bold action, scary acrobatics, and live street performances here. Take, for example, the Monster Stunt, full of action and adventure that will keep you on the edge of the seat from start to finish. In addition, you can participate in some direct escape games that are accompanied by fun and excitement.

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Fantasy Island and Carnival:

Some of the modern additions to the global village are Fantasy Island and Carnival that offer an unmatched experience. Full of vibrant lights and exciting games like Sky Coaster and stunning carnival games with opportunities to play and win, both of which provide plenty of fun activities for families and children to participate in.

Shop some amazing antiques:

Shopping in the Global Village is a very enjoyable and unique experience where there is always something extraordinary and surprisingly unexpected to take home. With a list of stunning cultures and fascinating attractions, you can look forward to buying diverse items such as authentic Turkish pastries and Iranian saffron into traditional Afghan and Indian costumes with oud and Arabian perfumes.

Delicious cuisine from all over the world:

Would you like to taste some exotic tastes or flavors? So you’re in the right place. Taste Arabic coffee or local sweets such as kanafah or liqueurs moistened with a large amount of date syrup! Tasting specialties ranging from Turkish ice cream and Lebanese desserts to Indian chats, warm chicken tandoori, Thai seafood and Chao Min. After all, this six-month seasonal attraction is the best time to taste the world’s most famous culinary treasures.

Take advantage of exciting promotions during the Dubai Shopping Festival:

Being one of the main attractions in the annual Dubai Shopping Festival, the Global Village is at its best in one month, making it one of the most recommended times to visit this cultural entertainment city. See amazing celebrity shows, participate in amazing prizes, and get the ultimate discounts for the best entertainment, shopping and dining options here as part of the Dubai Shopping Festival.

Enjoy fireworks displays:

You can attend a spectacular fireworks show twice a week at the Global Village. Come here on Thursday and Friday, usually starting at 9 pm. Regardless of this timing, you will also see this stunning show at special events or public holidays such as UAE National Day (2 December) and New Year’s Day. It is impressive that the fireworks display for the new year 2018 has not happened once or even seven times, according to New Year’s arrival in seven countries including the United Arab Emirates, India, Pakistan, Thailand, Istanbul, Bangladesh, and the Philippines.

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Learn about the history of the ancient Emirates:

Through dedicated programs such as the Festival of Our Heritage, you will have a unique opportunity to experience the legendary Emirati culture and old lifestyle. It allows an understanding of the old customs and traditions of the region, from braiding palm fronds and weaving yarns to making perfume and making coffee. You will also be able to enjoy Arabic folk dance shows with some interesting information about them.

Perform a unique and strange experience:

The Global Village offers great opportunities for those who want to experience something new and exciting. In addition to exploring the culture and culinary flavors from around the world, choose to participate in various activities that deserve attention. Participate in the calligraphy competition, participate in a pottery workshop, or make a unique souvenir for yourself by getting a caricature of a brilliant artist.