GoDaddy ‘Digital Me’ Workshop Held in Dubai for Small Business


First ‘Digital Me’ workshop held in the UAE in a joint venture with Dubai Startup Hub. An initiative of Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Dubai Startup Hub in recent times organized in partnership with GoDaddy a workshop that offer handy solutions for online presence startups, entrepreneurs and small business owners in Dubai.

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This was designed to provide ideas at beginning stage startups with the skills that are needed to generate and nurture their online presence. GoDaddy and Dubai Startup Hub team of professionals enlighten the significance of a strong, professional digital identity for businesses. All participants learnt to build and publish their own website during the training using the GoDaddy Website Builder.

Selina Bieber, Regional Director for MENA and Turkey at GoDaddy, led the training sessions and explained the importance of learning to make a professional digital identity for businesses specific to the local market. She told how at GoDaddy they try to develop the tools that make it easy for people to go online. Furthermore, the workshop guides through entry-level tools and the basics that how it can be done within a short span of time.

The set of courses covered topics which include questions like what is meant by online presence? Why it is so necessary? What advantages and benefits it can provide for small startups? And last of all that how an effective website can be created?

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Dubai Startup Hub was launched in 2016 by Dubai Chamber of Commerce as an online platform to connect startups, entrepreneurs, developers, venture capitalists, and students, facilitating them to learn about a new opportunity and create a new joint venture that will enhance economic growth.

GoDaddy is known to be the world’s largest domain name registrar. The purpose of this workshop was if somebody has an idea, GoDaddy and Dubai Startup Hub will help them formulate that idea or help to bring it to life. Which include the digital process as a part of it. As they have customers from all across the globe, but a lot of growth was coming from this region and a great attraction for digital.