Google Restricts Huawei to Use “Android” Operating System

Android banned for Huawei
Google restricts Huawei to use use its Operating System "Android"

Google has hit the US company Huawei Chinese after the first succumbed to pressure from the US administration.

Google has decided to withdraw the license “Android” from the phones, “Huawei” next, which makes these phones face a major problem in the coming period.

The spokesman said, Google that the company is committed to this decision issued by the US Department of Commerce, the need to put the company “Huawei” in companies that do not have US technology, but will review its implications.

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In that way, Huawei will face a problem with its new phones on the inclusion of a large number of important applications and services on Android devices, which are being invaded by the world, and its current phones will not enjoy the necessary security updates provided by Google.

A spokesman for the US Commerce Department said the ministry may soon tighten restrictions on China’s Huawei Technologies after last week’s restrictions made it almost impossible for Huawei to buy goods manufactured in the United States.

The ministry may soon issue a temporary general license to give companies and people with Huawei devices an opportunity to maintain the credibility of their communications networks and equipment, according to Reuters.

The Ministry of Commerce added Huawei on Thursday to a list of companies banned from doing business with US companies without a license.

The list identifies companies that are believed to be involved in activities that are contrary to national security or foreign policy interests of the United States.

Potential beneficiaries of the interim license may be Internet service providers and mobile phones in low-populated areas such as Wyoming and eastern Oregon, which have purchased network equipment from Huawei in recent years.

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How will this affect Huawei users?

Current Huawei Smartphone users can update the applications they use, address security vulnerabilities, and update the services of the Google Play Store.

But may not be able to come up with any new update version Google releases for Android, or put it on their devices.

What can Huawei do?

Trump’s management on Wednesday added Huawei to the ban list, preventing the company from accessing technology from any US company without government approval.

“We are already preparing for this situation,” Reinh Jingwei, chief executive of Huawei, told Japanese media in the first comment after the embargo was imposed.