Google Set to Open Five Innovation Hub Centres in Saudi Arabia

Google Set to Open Five Innovation Hub Centres in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Federation for Cyber Security and Programming has signed a final agreement with Google to open five Google Innovation Hub centers in different parts of the Kingdom.

The agreement was signed by adviser at the Royal Court and president of the federation Saud Al Qahtani and president of Google for the Europe, Africa and Middle East region Matt Prater.

The main purpose was to combine the local talent in the production of prototypes, mobile applications and artificial intelligence.

According to Al Qahtani, This agreement would not have been possible without the vision and continuous support of Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman. It will help Saudi students who are creative and talented.

Five Google Innovation Hub centers will be launched in different parts of Saudi Arabia to promote and develop capabilities in the field of advanced software. The first centers will be open at the headquarters of the federation in Riyadh. It will have the capacity to accommodate 40,000 trainees in a year.

The centers will provide educational and technical materials and advanced technology curricula, training laboratory, lectures and workshops by specialists, practitioners and other experts.

Member of the Board of federation and chairman of the Initiatives Committee Faisal Al Khamisi said, young Saudis interested in the field of software development will get the result of this agreement in the near future.