Halima Aden Wears Burkini for Sports Illustrated Magazine


A Somali-American model has entered history, becoming the first Burkini girl to appear on a Sports Illustrated magazine.

The Guardian newspaper said Halima Aden became the first Muslim model to appear on the pages of the famous Burkini magazine.

The source explained that Aden appeared on the magazine in the number of May, wearing a swimsuit decorated, which covers all parts of her body, in a move split by the followers.

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In an interview, Aden said she wanted to send the world a message that the hijab was no obstacle to success.

“We can now see politicians, businesswomen, journalists and other successful women who wear the headscarf in public without a problem.”

“I am proud to have taken this step and appeared on Sports Illustrated magazine to highlight the beauty of women wearing this type of clothing.”

The Somali model has been criticized for what critics call “excess audacity,” saying the clothes are private. Others welcomed the move, saying it was encouraging for women who faced the embarrassment of wearing Burkini outside their homes.

Halima Aden was in the colorful swimming suit designed by Cynthia Rowley, who expressed her delight in the design of this Burkinabe Halima. She said in a press statement: “Halima is making great strides in this area through her voice The strong, now the first model in history wearing Burkiney, this particular moment represents a great win for the empowerment of women, and breaking the standards of beauty and identity in the old industry”.

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Halima was born in Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya, before moving with her family to the United States at the age of seven, initially settled in St. Louis. The 21-year-old is aiming to become an example of Muslim youth in the United States.