Hamza Ali Abbasi Exits Showbiz, Plans to Focus on Preaching Islam

Hamza Ali Abbasi Leaves Showbiz

The contentious actor, Hamza Ali Abbasi finally made the much-awaited and highly expected announcement which was promised by him earlier this October.

He made headlines by leaving the Pakistani Showbiz Industry and vowed to devote his life to preaching Islam and spreading the message of peace across borders.

In a 23-minute video message making rounds on social media, the actor explained how he opted for atheism at a young age and after a lot of research and self-learning, Allah has guided him.

Watch the full video here:

Hamza has always been indulged in controversies for his bold statements and stances against a certain type of songs in Lollywood, in an interview with BBC, he expressed:

He further declared that he will not be leaving politics and will put forward his view. He also added that he will be making movies and dramas that promote the Islamic culture and will be opting for ways that make him a better Muslim and helps him to lead a life guided by Islam.

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