High airfares in UAE during the summers due to higher demand

As the holiday season kicks in and expatriate families living in the UAE travel home, ticket prices to some destinations soar. This is because due to the higher demands airlines and lesser number of available flights during peak seasons to cover the high demand and to make the cost affordable to a larger segment of customers.

Prices have risen suddenly over the last period, especially to regional destinations. Early booking is not suitable for many because they can not set the dates in advance, and early bookings are restricted and can not be made modifications without additional cost.

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The demand for travel rose to high levels, with the start of school leave during the summer, explaining that the prices are linked to the level of demand in the first place, where the price of the ticket is based on the average occupancy on flights.

A Significant Increases

Travelers are surprised by the large increase in air ticket prices during the summer, especially after the end of the schools. The average ticket price for flights to the Jordanian capital of Amman for travel now and return after the end of the Eid al-Adha holiday, Schools in September reached about 3,500 Dirhams.

Some travelers had to postpone their flight’s dates agreed upon with their family because of high ticket prices, pointing out that they would have to choose flexible return dates for lower prices, but prices overall remain very high.

Travelers called on airlines to increase the number of flights, during peak seasons to cover the high demand and make the cost affordable to a larger segment of dealers.

Travel Delay

Most of the travelers postponed their family’s travel due to the high price of airline tickets, especially in light of the low number of flights linking the UAE to key destinations, noting that the tickets ran out very early, reached about 2500 Dirhams per ticket to key destinations like Damascus.

Postponing travel may be the most appropriate option at the moment, or wait until prices fall during the summer to autumn, or can take a short leave when it has the financial capacity.

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Tourists are not traveling during the current period due to the high price of tickets only. The average price of tickets to Cairo reached levels exceeding the budget allocated for travel during the summer.

“Prices are reaching high levels during peak seasons when there is a chance to travel for many,” a traveler said. “Airlines are taking advantage of this travel opportunity, which is available to a large segment of dealers at the same time“, another traveler said.


Some travelers can also not get tickets because of unavailability due to higher demand, and also no adjustments can be made to reservations in the event of an emergency or change appointments without additional cost.

High prices playing many of the travel during peak times and the prices of indirect flights remain high during these times.

The ticket prices to Cairo more than 3800 Dirham for direct flights that match the dates of travelers choice, considering that the increase in the number of flights during peak periods contribute to the reduction of prices.

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Flight Occupancy

The demand for travel has risen to a high level with the start of school holidays this summer. This situation is repeated every year and is called peak time with high demand, especially to regional destinations, intended for residents to visit their countries.

The prices are linked to the level of demand in the first place and to determine the price of the ticket based on the average occupancy on flights, as the higher the percentage of seat occupancy increased ticket prices, noting that early booking remains the best-guaranteed way to get discounted prices for flights during peak seasons specifically.

The adoption of flexible dates during the search for flights contribute to the reduction of the average price of the ticket significantly.


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